The Right Needs to Change

Posted by Matt Birchler
— 1 min read

The GOP's monstrous math problem - Axios

Republicans, win or lose next week, face a big — and growing — math problem. […] They're relying almost exclusively on a shrinking demographic (white men), living in shrinking areas (small, rural towns), creating a reliance on people with shrinking incomes (white workers without college degrees) to survive.

According to a recent Pew Research poll on who is voting down party lines this year (president and House of Reps):

  • Black voters: 77% D, 3% R
  • Hispanic: 47% D, 21% R
  • Asian: 55% D, 10% R
  • White: 37% D, 44% R

The only demographics where more people said they would be voting down the ticket for Republicans were white people, 75 and over, and those without any college education. You don’t have to be a statistics expert to see that this is unsustainable, and if the Republican party wants to appeal to future Americans, they need to figure out positions that appeal to more than their core demographic right now.

Alternatively, if you think the Republican positions are all correct, then there is a serious messaging problem if you’re only convincing white men that they are correct.