The Sweet Setup Switches to Notion

Posted by Matt Birchler
β€” 1 min read

Shawn Blanc writing for The Sweet Setup:

The thing we love most about Notion (so far) is how we can manage each article with its own due dates, editorial status, content outline, and more. All that information stays with the article itself as it moves along the editorial process.
And we can view our editorial calendar in multiple ways. We can see a calendar view that shows all the upcoming article due dates and publication dates. Or we can see a Kanban board with the status of each article: On Deck; In Progress; To Review; Published.

Notion ain't perfect. It's mobile apps are not great, but the power of Notion is that it allows you to do a bunch of things all in one place. Want to have a Kanban board with your team's tasks? Go right ahead. Want to have a place to write your scripts or articles, and have it in a way that allows sharing and collaboration? Notion's got that too. Want to have a calendar or a todo list or a repository of your team's most important files? Yeah, it can do that too. Oh, and would you like to be able to link all of these together and be able to do things like turning your Kanban board into a calendar in a click? Yup, that's what Notion can do.

Notion is a sort of Lego-style productivity service. It has a bunch of different pieces and you can put them together however you want. This can be intimidating, and it puts people off for sure. It also means that it's hard to say that Notion is the absolute best at any one thing either, since it needs to work within these confines, but the package all together turns into something really special for a lot of people.

If you're interested, I made a video that shows how I use Notion to run my YouTube channel. It's not nearly as complicated as some of the demos you'll see out there, which is a problem I have with a lot of "How I User Notion to Run My Life" videos.