There is Nothing Else, There is no Policy

Posted by Matt Birchler
— 1 min read

Stuart Stevens, an ex-GOP operative, on why the party should be burned to the ground

That’s why I say the Republican Party really isn’t a political party. It’s a cartel. Why do cartels exist? Why does OPEC exist? To sell oil. Nobody says, “What is the moral purpose of OPEC?”
What does the Republican Party exist for now at the federal level? To beat Democrats —that’s it. There’s nothing else. There is no policy.

Stuart Stevens is no liberal shill, he put Bush in the White House twice and tried to get Romney there in 2012. Read the whole interview if you have the time. It’s unusual to see someone openly regret their life’s work quite like this, but as Stevens says:

It is a strange, melancholy feeling to turn sixty-five, and realize that what you have spent a good portion of your life working for and toward was not only meritless but also destructive.