Tools & Toys on the Misfit Flash

Posted by Matt Birchler
β€” 1 min read

I love the Tools & Toys website. It's a classy gadget-recommendation site from Shawn Blanc, Bradley Chambers, and Chris Gonzalez, I read everything they post, and I typically agree with them.

Today they recommended the Misfit Flash as a good entry-level fitness tracker. I'll give them credit for saying the Flash is not stylish, but I think there is very little to like about the Flash. As I wrote in my review last month:

I can recommend this as a solid entry-level fitness tracker if you want a tracker that clips to your clothes. If you want something for your wrist, I can't recommend it to anyone.

In the 2 weeks since writing that, I find it hard to even recommend the Flash to anyone. If you're in the market for an entry-level, clip-on fitness tracker, the Jawbone UP move is a better choice all around. It's the same price, tracks the same things, and has the same 6 month battery life. It also looks much nicer, and has a far superior app ecosystem that helps you make sense of the data you're collecting better than any other service I have used.