Samsung is Unbundling TouchWiz

Posted by Matt Birchler
β€” 1 min read

Via SamMobile

It has been reported that Samsung is working on optimizing its software for the Galaxy S6 to near-Nexus levels, and we now have exclusive info that the company is removing every add-on feature that can be downloaded as an application, and slimming down the software by a wide margin in the process.

HTC had begun to do this with their Sense UI when I had my HTC One and it was a great move. By moving the custom crap software from the OS you accomplish a couple things. First, it gives your users the most personalized experience. Second, you can put them on the Google Play Store for anyone to download, which can expand your brand. If people like your apps, let them know that they'll like them even more on your phones. I'm not buying a Samsung phone anytime soon, but I approve of this move.