2023 didn’t just break the iPad’s streak (“wah!”)

Posted by Matt Birchler
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2023 didn’t just break the iPad’s streak (“wah!”)

Zack Zwiezen: 2023 Was the First Waluigi-Less Year Since 2000

As seen on the extensive fan wiki, Waluigi has appeared as a playable character or cameo in at least one Nintendo game every year since 2000. Like Old Faithful, Waluigi was predictably there every year, even if other characters like Mario got top billing. It didn’t matter. Waluigi is a true professional and cares about his fans and his craft. But in 2023, something happened and the 22-year streak was broken.

I made a big deal out of 2023 being the first year since 2010 where we didn’t get a new iPad, but I didn’t realize an even longer (and more important to some) streak ended last year as well. I’m not going to pass judgement over which is more significant, but I will say that a world with new iPads and new games with Waluigi is a world worth fighting for.