Warning, do not install watchOS 4 beta 2

Posted by Matt Birchler
— 1 min read

This is just a quick PSA, but I need to get the word out: watchOS 4 beta 2 is a complete mess on the Apple Watch.

All the features are still there, the Toy Story watch faces have been added, and some minor bugs have been squashed, but battery life is completely shot. I installed the beta Wednesday night and my watch went from 100% to 10% in about 6 hours on Thursday. Essentially, I put it on at 7AM and it was dead at lunch.

Then I charged the watch back up when I got home, and put it on at 100% when I went to sleep last night. I put it in theater mode so it wouldn’t turn the screen on while I slept, and switched to the Modular watch face to make sure it wasn’t one of the new watch faces, and the watch had put itself into power saver mode by the time I woke up (I slept for just under 7 hours).

I don’t know yet if everyone with an Apple Watch is seeing this on the new beta, but it’s pretty terrible for me. Even if you have already installed the first beta for watchOS 4, I’d strongly suggest sticking with that beta for a couple weeks and hope that the third beta addresses this terrible battery life.

This is why they call it a beta, folks.