By Matt Birchler
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Wax & Wick: Awesome Hand Crafted Soy Candles (sponsor)

My thanks to Wax & Wick, an upstart candle company based out of Chicago, IL, for sponsoring BirchTree for the entire month of March!

Launched in 2015, Wax & Wick is not what you would expect from any other candle company. Their candles are made of 100% soy instead of paraffin wax, which is a much healthier thing to burn in your home. They use natural wood wicks, which in addition to burning well, also give off a satisfying, subtle crackle when burning. All this is packaged in a nicely designed jar that avoids all candle clichés.

I had the opportunity to use the Espresso and Cedar + Vanilla candles at home, and they were indeed very satisfying scents. I'm not typically a candle guy, but these candles have won me over.

BirchTree readers can get 30% off all orders for the rest of the month by using coupon code "BIRCHTREE" at checkout.

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