Where the Pebble Stands

Posted by Matt Birchler
— 1 min read

Apple Watch: The Future Is Now (or, at least, soon) - Stephen Orth

The Pebble is a decent enough device. It’s not cool looking, and it has some issues, but it’s generally very functional.

That’s about as succinct a review you can make of the Pebble. I liked my Pebble quite a bit when I had mine, but it pales in comparison to the Apple Watch. Even if you’re on Android, I find it hard to recommend the Pebble (or soon to be released Pebble Time) over one of the many Android Wear watches.

Now all this being said, I think the Pebble still has a place in the market. It has a loyal fan base who will defend it to the death, and it also remains the most aggressively priced smart watch out there. I could buy 4 Pebbles and still have money left for dinner for the same price of my 42mm Apple Watch Sport. People also love that e-paper display and multi-day battery life.

Given the apparent success of the Apple Watch and the huge potential growth for this market, I wonder if the rising tide will lift Pebble along with it. If more people are buying smart watches, it stands to reason that more people would choose a Pebble. However, I think there’s also a good chance that people will want the seamless integration they get with a Google or Apple-made watch and the Pebble lineup will look more and more archaic.