Everybody Chill, It's Okay to Work for Someone Else

Posted by Matt Birchler
— 1 min read

A Few Words of Explanation - Richard Anderson:

That’s one of the things that irked me the most, and lead to my piece, the one-size-fits-all advice of “WORK FOR YOURSELF OR BE A MISERABLE FAILURE” mantra that runs through way too much of the tech-focused media I consume. It’s in my inbox, it’s in my podcast app, it’s in the various websites I check during downtime at work.

Rich wrote one of those pieces you can tell was just begging to get out. It's a fantastic bit of analysis of the entrepreneurship obsession we see around the web.

Yeah, the idea of working for yourself has an appeal, but there's something to be said for the vast majority of people who work for someone else and are able to find rewards in that lifestyle. Who's to say working a "corporate stooge" job that pays well, makes you a valuable member of a team, and allows you to work towards something greater than yourself isn't desirable as well?

Maybe I'm just on a 9-5 high right now since I just started a new job that I really enjoy, but I think that most people can live a totally rewarding life without working for themselves. If you want to work for yourself, by all means go for it! But to make the assumption that is the ultimate goal for everyone is frankly a little insulting.