Working More but Writing Less

Posted by Matt Birchler
β€” 1 min read

You may have noticed things have slowed down a little here the past few weeks. I'm definitely writing less than any time in the past year or so, and I do feel a little bad about that. I love writing and I love the conversations that spring up because of it.

I've been putting my development hat on more often as of late and my writing hat has been set aside more days than usual. When I am writing I get to share my work in much smaller chunks every day, but development takes more time. There aren't many useful things you can crank out as quick as a blog post.

So while the number of articles has dropped, I have been keeping more than a little busy. I've released my first piece of real software in the form of my QuickPin Chrome extension, I updated this site to handle more content, I've changed the format of Bite Size Tech, and I've been working on some pet project sites on the side1. These projects take more than just time, they take brain cycles too. Not only am I running out of time during the day, but I'm running out of energy to express myself in writing.

What I need to do is plan my time better and distribute my focus a little more across all disciplines. I'm enjoying these new projects, but damn it all if I don't miss putting (digital) pen to paper everyday.

  1. One of them is a credit card BIN lookup tool and the other is a weather web app. The BIN one is very close to being a reality, but the weather one is still a ways off.