QuickPin: A Fast, Simple Pinboard Extension for Chrome

Posted by Matt Birchler
β€” 1 min read

QuickPin (install via the Google Chrome Web Store) is a very simple Chrome extension that lets you save your current tab to your Pinboard read later list. I have been using a browser shortcut to do this for years, but a native Chrome extension is a little more convenient. Want to save the page you're on? Click the QuickPin icon and it's saved.

Upon installing the extension, you'll be prompted with this screen:

The options page has a link to find your account's token ID. Paste your token into the field, hit save, and close the options tab. That's the entire setup.

I intend to update the extension a bit more (keyboard shortcuts, better error handling, etc.) but wanted to get it out there now for those who really want something like this and don't need all the frills of a high-end extension. It's fast, simple, and gets the job done well.

Full disclosure, this is a very early version of QuickPin and is a tool I made to fill a personal need. I have run it on 2 computers and it does work, but there may be bugs I have not come across. Please let me know if anything is broken.

Also, I have not implemented error handling in the extension as of now, so if you don't enter a valid token ID, you won't know anything's wrong until you see nothing was actually saved to your Pinboard account. I know it's not a great user experience, but I'd suggest double-checking to make sure your first page saves successfully to ensure everything is working smoothly.