2017 iPhone Rumors Roundup

Posted by Matt Birchler
— 6 min read

I thought it would be fun to look back on calendar year 2017 and judge all the iPhone rumors now that we know what the new iPhones actually are. I used only rumors that made it to MacRumors since it was the best “pulse” I think is out there for this sort of thing.

Overall there were 90 total rumors posted to MacRumors about the iPhone 8/X and 58 of those rumors turned out to be correct. Here are some standouts:

  • 64% of rumors were accurate in 2017, that’s up from 54% I found in 2016
  • May-July was a pretty great run for accuracy, 18/21 rumors were legit
  • February 9 was when we knew all 3 iPhones would have wireless charging
  • February 16 was when we knew there would be only facial recognition, not Touch ID on the best iPhone
  • February 21 was when we knew there would only be 2 storage sizes instead of the 3 we’d had for 8 years
  • March 3 was when we learned all iPhones would have fast charging via a USB-C to Lightning cable
  • April 17 was where we saw the first spot on schematic for the iPhone X
  • May 12 someone basically nailed the pricing of the iPhone X
  • September 9 is when we knew the iPhone X name. Only 3 days before the event! Seriously, this was not suggested by any inside source before this.

Below is a list of all the rumors I looked at as well a my verdict for whether they were correct or not. All this iPhone X news is still pretty fresh, so let me know if I need to change any judgements.


Overall: 3/4


Overal: 5/10


Overall 5/11


Overall: 7/15


Overall: 6/7


Overall: 6/7


Overall: 6/8


Overall: 8/16


Overall: 12/12

  1. All phones do indeed have fast charging via Lightning, but not all of them have 3GB of RAM.