250 Hours of Extra Life

Posted by Matt Birchler
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Yasmeen Serhan: How the Rest of the World Is Doing RTO

When I asked experts about the main reasons driving preferences for hybrid and remote work, the most common answer had to do with commuting. Although those who live within walking distance of their workplace may find it convenient to return to the office, many others who have to brave traffic congestion in cars or journeys on crowded public transportation may be less inclined, especially five days a week.

This is absolutely a major issue: removing 1 hour of commute time per day gives you approximately 250 extra hours of life every year. These are extra hours with your family, your friends, and relaxing however you want. I know that some people enjoy the commute as a way to separate their work and personal lives, and some enjoy it as a way to cool down after work, and those opinions are valid as well, but they're not universal.