4 Things About the Postal Service

Posted by Matt Birchler
— 1 min read

Postal Crisis Ripples Across Nation as Election Looms - The New York Times

For the most part, experts and employees say, the Postal Service is still capable of operating as usual. Yet the agency has warned states that it may not be able to meet their deadlines for delivering last-minute ballots. And this week, Mr. Trump said he opposed new postal funding because of his opposition to mail-in voting, which he complains will benefit Democrats and claims — without evidence — is riddled with fraud. At risk are not just the ballots — and medical prescriptions and paychecks — of residents around the country, but also the reputation of the Postal Service as the most popular and perhaps the least politicized part of the federal government.

The first thing here is to mail in your ballot as soon as possible after you receive it this fall.

The second is that “Mr. Trump said he opposed X without evidence” is an all too common phrase, and one that gets conservative and libertarian sheep to nod along every time, only to forget that he ever said that or pretend that he was joking shortly afterwards.

The third is that anything can be politicized, and it will be politicized by this administration. The House will inevitably try to do something and the Senate majority will inevitably say “isn’t it time for recess?”

And fourth, the intentional dismantling of the Postal Service has been going on for years. The Postal Service, even though it does not need to, operated at a surplus for over a decade before the 2006 Postal Accountability and Enhancement Act immediately brutalized their ability to do so any more…shockingly, a bill passed through a Republican House and Senate and during a Republican preseidency. The current administration’s active efforts to continue this degradation and overt calls to do so in order to curtail voting this November is just the cherry on top of this campaign. I say “just” but it’s an affront to our democracy.