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A New Feature I'd Like to See, Enabled by ProRAW

A New Feature I'd Like to See, Enabled by ProRAW

ProRAW enables a lot of power in users, but it also allows Apple to get a little more creative in how it handles the processed JPEG/HEIC file it gives you with the RAW image.

Check out the video below, but the gist is that I would love to see the Camera app start to lean the processed images it gives me (when shooting in ProRAW) towards the sorts of edits I typically make to photos. An example I use in the video is Christmas light photography, which basically has me making the same edits every single time, so it would be nice to have iOS automatically process the JPEG shot more to my taste, while still giving me the RAW image to tweak however I want.

Maybe this is something ProRAW users need to opt into, but I think it would be pretty cool.

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