Adobe Adds Smart Select to Photoshop for iPad

Posted by Matt Birchler
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Adobe Adds Smart Select to Photoshop for iPad

From the Adobe blog:

I am thrilled to announce that today we are releasing the Select Subject feature in Photoshop on the iPad. As promised, with that and the cloud documents speed enhancements, we have delivered two major new features to the product since its launch at the Adobe MAX conference in November.

Color me as one of those who was mostly happy with the verison of Photoshop Adobe launched last month, but I defintiely felt some of the missing features, so it's good to see one of the company's premiere updates to Photoshop 2020 for desktop come to the iPad. Hopefully this is a good sign for those looking for them to quickly iterate on thie product to get it up to snuff for more people who want to work from their iPads.