By Matt Birchler
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An Android User Falls in Love with the Taptic Engine

Android to iPhone, part two: What I've liked about switching to the iPhone X:

Apple’s Taptic Engine doesn’t just buzz - it clicks, it taps, it knocks. And it can do so with an incredible range of intensities and precision. If I had to analogize, it’s sort of like having used crappy $10 earbuds your entire life and then someone hands you a set of $300 open-back Sennheisers. You didn’t know your music could sound that much better until your ears heard it for themselves. The same thing applies with the Taptic Engine: you won’t get it if you haven’t used it.

I was personally shocked how much worse haptic feedback was on the Pixel 2 when I switched back in October. It's a small thing, but the way iOS uses this feature makes the phone feel more fancy than your average phone. As I said in my Android Oreo review last week:

This is a small one, but it makes the iPhone feel fancier and not just like a phone using the same motor that was in my 2004 RAZR.
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