An Unusually Unified Front

Posted by Matt Birchler
— 1 min read

Casey Newton in today’s Platformer issue:

The United States played a critical role in damaging Putin’s credibility before the war even began. US intelligence agencies understood that an invasion was coming, the Biden administration shared that information publicly, and in doing so removed both Putin’s ability to launch a surprise attack and any efforts to create a phony pretext for doing so.
Those moves were not enough to prevent the invasion. But they did create a powerful trans-Atlantic alliance of democratic countries, creating a more unified front against authoritarianism than the world has seen in decades, and re-shaped the global order in a matter of days.

I lamented last week the sliver of Americans (and their leader) are major Putin fans, it has been heartening to see the near-universal response to these abhorrent actions by an evil strongman.