Android Updates in 60 Seconds

Posted by Matt Birchler
β€” 1 min read

Ok, maybe 61 seconds, but still, this is basically just a standard reboot time for the phone. I'd love to see Apple match Android when it comes to downtime when doing small updates. This was the equivalant of an update like iOS 13.1.1 to 13.1.2, and it happened when my phone was still totoally usable, and the reboot meant I was out of order for a single minute. iOS updates take way too long and are a reason people often delay them as much as they can.

And even if you say "well, many of these updates happen overnight, so what does it matter?" to which I would retort:

  1. How often do these actually work for you? I almost always get a message saying "we could not perform the update overnight, try again tomorrow?"
  2. What if there is an emergency overnight (either family/friend issue or you're on call for work)? Would you like your phone to be "dead" for 1 minute or 20 minutes?

There are few things I would say are absolutely better about Android than iOS, but update durations are definitely one of them.