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Android Phone App Gets Automatic Dark Mode

Android Phone App Gets Automatic Dark Mode

Thoughts on the New Pixel 4a

Thoughts on the New Pixel 4a

“Android had it First.” “Well iOS had This First!” And Around and Around we Go

Tweaking Android 11's New Media Controls

Tweaking Android 11's New Media Controls

Pixel Owners Need Not Wait for Some of Those Android 11 Features

Android Updates in 60 Seconds

Why I Liked the Android 10 Update

Podcast #192: Why We Don’t Take Android Tablets Seriously

Android OS Updates Install 6x Faster than iOS Updates

Round 3: Night Sight vs iPhone XS

On Camera Comparisons

Camera Test: iPhone Xs (Default and Hydra) vs OnePlus 6 (Default, Night Sight, and Night Mode)

Touch Response on the OnePlus 6, iPhone Xs, and iPad Pro (2017)

Android Updates and the Lowest Bars Possible

One Slick Android Feature

OnePlus 6 Charges Fast, But Only with It’s Proprietary Charger

6 Things That Annoy Me About the OnePlus 6

6 Really Nice Things About the OnePlus 6

iPhone Xs vs OnePlus 6 Fast Charging

A Terrible Misuse of Space

The Broken Promise of Android Treble

Android Pie Review: All the Little Things

Android Pie Review: Gesture-Based Navigation

Let the Android Update Timer Begin!

Going Back to Android for a Bit

Designing for the Notch on Notch-less Phones

Why Can’t a Flagship Phone that Costs Over $700 Stay Fast?

The Sad State of Autofill Services on Android

A Few Months Later: Benchmarking the iPhone 8 Plus and Pixel 2

Nextbit is Shutting Down Their Smart Storage Service March 1, 2018

Essentially a Disaster

Google is Killing Project Tango

Android Oreo Review: Conclusion

AR Stickers Come to the Pixel 2

Android Oreo Review: Notifications

Android Oreo Review: Using AirPods with Android

Android Oreo Review: Performance and Stability

Android Oreo Review: Third Party Software

Android Oreo Review: Google’s Assistant and Other Apps

Android Oreo Review: All the Little Things

Android Oreo Review: An iOS User’s Review (Introduction)

The “Android Love Curve”

31 days

What is a computer?

Android’s Notification Management Crushes iOS

3 Android Oreo Features I Really Love

The “not really bezel-less” wars: iPhone X vs Samsung Galaxy S8 vs Essential

Netxbit Robin Review

A $150 Android phone's camera challenges the $769 iPhone 7 Plus

Is Android O as aggressively boring a release as it seems?

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