Appearance on The Outpost Podcast

Posted by Matt Birchler
— 1 min read

I had the honor of joining the lovely Daryl Baxter on his podcast, The Outpost Show, this week. If you don't know Daryl, he's an iPad fiend like myself, and we spent an hour talking about everything iPad. Topics include:

  • Why a 27" iPad is a great idea
  • How we use an iPad for our 9-5 joby jobs
  • What podcasting needs on iOS to make it a full featured podcasting platform
  • General gushing about our 10.5" iPad Pros

Oh, and because I can't seem to podcast without talking about it for a minute, we get about 10 minutes of Apple Watch talk in before Daryl stopped me and got us back on track :)

It was a great time and I hope you enjoy it too!