Apple’s Biometrics Should be Multiple-Choice

Posted by Matt Birchler
— 1 min read

Apple’s new iPad Mini is becoming a powerful healthcare tool, by Niel Smith

The Powerful A15 Bionic chip with support for super-fast 5G and the Apple pencil makes this iPad ideal for situations where you can carry it in your palm or your coat pocket and meet the rigorous requirements of the healthcare industry.

Not only is the iPad mini well-suited for this job at a technical level, one of its downgrades from the Pro lineup is an advantage as well:

When you access an iPad multiple times a day in healthcare, Face ID becomes a friction point. It’s not practical and safe to pull your face mask down 50-75 times a day just to login into a secured EMR app.

I strongly think that iPhones and as many iPads as possible, should have Face ID and Touch ID included.