Apple’s boring iPhones will soon not be worth a damn

Posted by Matt Birchler
— 1 min read

Philip Berne: Apple Needs a Foldable iPhone Soon or iPhones Won't Be Worth Buying

Apple, I’ve got good news. The iPhone is refined enough. It is refined well beyond what other manufacturers even care to accomplish. Other phone makers could build a phone that pays just as much attention to detail, they just don’t care to do so. It isn’t worth the effort or cost. Apple has cornered the market on smartphone refinement. Now it’s time to refine something new.

Apple’s ability to deliver industry-leading hardware year after year for nearly 2 decades is an astounding achievement. This article exceptionally underestimates how challenging this is, and the suggestion that other companies could simply do this as well if they wanted to is quite the statement. The idea that other companies could just choose to make phones as good and refined as the iPhone, they just choose not to is a bit out there.

Folding phones are gaining some level of momentum. I’ve seen many real people in my life get excited about them, and a few have bought them & enjoy them. Hell, I’m more interested in them by the day. Still, it’s silly to suggest the iPhone is on the verge of irrelevance if they don’t make one fast.

Full disclosure, I have written for TechRadar before, and I bet the writer didn’t write that headline, which may frame the piece in a light the author didn’t intend.