Batman: Arkham Knight is another terrible port on Switch

Posted by Matt Birchler
— 1 min read
Batman: Arkham Knight is another terrible port on Switch

Richard Leadbetter writing for Eurogamer: Arkham Knight on Switch is disastrously poor

Lighting is savagely downgraded, texture quality is a total mess, shadows take a trip back to PS2 era standards and geometry is culled. Arkham Knight routinely fails to hit its 30 frames per second target, often lingering in the low to mid-20s but worse than that is the pervasive stuttering problem.

I think the Nintendo Switch has been an amazing console, and it’s brought so many games to a wider audience, but damn I’m looking forward to the Switch successor. We all know the Switch can do pretty impressive stuff when teams are given sufficient time and money to make something good, but it’s painful when you see ports like this that can’t get old games running as well as they did on older hardware. Batman: Arkham Knight released in 2015 which is at least just a PS4 game and is just 2 years older than the Switch itself, but we also see it with older games, like the Metal Gear Solid Collection last month, which released with games that ran at lower resolutions and frame rates than the PS2 and PS3 versions.

Bring on a more powerful Switch!