Birch Bark Issue 34

Posted by Matt Birchler
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Birch Bark Issue 34

In case you didn't know, I have a weekly newsletter where I share the most interesting art, music, videos, and links of the week. This is the 34th week in a row with an issue, and while I'm biased, I have it on good auithority that it's a nice way to go into the weekend. If you enjoy this, feel free to subscribe and get it every week!

P.S. I'll reitterate here that this newsletter has no long term plan. I'm not building a list of people to sell a self-help class or anything like that, I just want to share some of the best stuff I find online. I don't even use analytics in my emails. No, really, read the email in an email app that yells about tracking pixels and you shouldn't see anything (and if you do, let me know!).


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In his first proper solo album since his 2010 debut, the Sigur Ros frontman is back with a new record that is just as beautiful and hopeful as I remember his first record being. This is a good 'listen in the dark' sort of record.
I really don't know what to say about this one other than the fact that Sylvan Esso has an immense ability to deliver consistently great, quiet pop music.
The New York Times with a bombshell report with more Trump tax information than we've ever seen before (and that he has worked very hard to hide from the public). I'm no tax expert, so I highly suggest reading this and then seeking out commentary from the experts.
My buddy, Jeff Perry has a great selection of the best resources out there for Shortcuts right now.
I love this game so much, and it's great to see the perspective from someone who actually flies planes and can speak with authority on the authenticity of the game/simulator/training program.
In a few months, the number of people wearing an Apple Watch will surpass 100 million. While the tech press spent years infatuated with stationary smart speakers and the idea of voice-only interfaces, it was the Apple Watch and utility on the wrist that ushered in a new paradigm shift in computing. We are now seeing Apple leverage the growing number of Apple Watch wearers to build a formidable health platform. The Apple Watch is a runaway train with no company in a position to slow it down.
First-person accounts of a tense meeting at the White House in late March suggest that President Trump's son-in-law resisted taking federal action to alleviate shortages and help Democratic-led New York. Instead, he enlisted a former roommate to lead a Consultant State to take on the Deep State, with results ranging from the Eastman Kodak fiasco to a mysterious deal to send ventilators to Russia.
Feel free to use it within the bounds of common sense. Amazing resource here.
He described it as part of an aesthetic he called "generic authentic," which attempts to convey a sense of "authenticity" through "classic typefaces, raw materials like wood and cement, and these nostalgic nods to older artisanal craft."
On the "Chapo Trap House" Twitch channel, which has nearly 63,000 followers, one host commented that following the debate "is like trying to watch a subtitled movie when you're drunk."