The BirchTree Gazette

Posted by Matt Birchler
— 1 min read

Happy Sunday, everyone! This week I’m trying something new: an email newsletter. There are a lot of technically-minded people who visit this site who follow along via the RSS feed or Twitter account, but I’ve heard from others who don’t use those services and can’t follow along. If people can’t follow the site, I’m losing readers. And if I’m losing readers, I’m not doing my job as a writer.

I’m happy to announce The BirchTree Gazette, a mailing list that will deliver my best content from the past week to your email inbox every Sunday morning. It should go without saying that I won’t use this mailing list for anything but this weekly roundup. Don’t worry about any promotional or spam hitting your inbox; I hate that garbage too.

I created The BirchTree Gazette as a way to better connect with you guys and girls, so please subscribe if you’re at all interested.