Black Lives Matter, and so Does Democracy

Posted by Matt Birchler
— 1 min read
Black Lives Matter, and so Does Democracy

I won’t take much of your time because there are more valuable voices to hear now, but I want it on the permanent record of this site where I stood during this time period in history.

As a kid, I remember learning about the Civil Rights movement in school as a kid and wondered how there could have been anyone against that movement at the time. A couple decades later and now it’s all too clear to me how that happens.

I stand behind the #BlackLivesMatter movement. It’s shocking we need to be reminded of this.

I stand with the protestors who are attempting to protest their government’s inaction on a literal life and death issue.

I despise those who are trying to take these protests and warp them into something else, as well as those creating false narratives in order to muddy the waters and justify undemocratic behavior.

And of course, I’m not only ashamed of our current president’s handling of this situation, I’m afraid that his violent instincts around squashing opposition, including peaceful protests, are a culmination of all the fears we had about electing this guy in 2016. He’s not pro-democracy, nor is he pro-Constitution, he’s interested in power. This is a dark road we’ve gone down further than I even feared he’d take us.

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