Create and Open Zip files on Your iPhone or iPad (with Shortcuts)

Posted by Matt Birchler
— 1 min read

One relatively common action that people do frequently on their computers is opening (and sometimes creating) Zip files. iOS doesn’t do this by default, but there are some apps that let you do this. Even easier though, we have Shortcuts, which lets us do this super easily and totally for free.

I f you tap the below link on your iOS device it will install the shortcut for you in the Shortcuts app.

Zip and Unzip Files Shortcut

There isn’t much to explain here, except to say this was created to make the process as simple as possible. Basically, if you share a Zip file it will extract it, and if you give it anything else it will make a Zip with the same name as the file(s) you give it. You can give it one file or many and it will still work1.

Feel free to tweak and share this Shortcut to fit your needs!

  1. Due to limitations of Shortcuts, it doesn’t seem to be able to unzip multiple Zips though. But if you give it 100 MP3s, for example, it will make one Zip with all those files.