Feedbin Has No Idea What to Do With Twitter

Posted by Matt Birchler
— 1 min read

Ben Ubois on the Feedbin blog: The Plan for Twitter

A lot of customers have asked about the future of Twitter support in Feedbin. Even with today’s update there’s still not enough information to make a decision.

The API was supposed to change yesterday and Feedbin posted this today saying they have no idea what to tell their customers because they don't have enough information.

Finally, it’s unclear to me if Feedbin is even a valid product category according to the new rules. All this does not matter if they decide to revoke Feedbin’s access.

In fact it's more than just pricing, they don't even know if they are a valid consumer of the Twitter API anymore.

In other news, I spun up a Mastodon server today and am quite enjoying the community over there. I'm @[email protected] if you wanted to follow along.