Here’s to another 40 🎂

Posted by Matt Birchler
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Here’s to another 40 🎂
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Dan Moren: After 40 Years, the Mac Is Immortal

Forty years. In the world of technology, where many devices seem to evaporate after only a matter of months, lasting for a decade is an accomplishment—but four of them? It’s nearly unheard of.

The Mac really is something special. Even today, the Mac holds a special place in my heart that none of Apple’s other (amazing) products hold. Tell me I need to get rid of my iPad and I’ll be annoyed, but I’ll survive. Tell me to get rid of my Apple Watch and I’ll be pretty upset, but I’ll get by. Tell me I need to give up my iPhone and switch to Android and I’ll be exceptionally annoyed, but I could make it work. Tell me I need to give up my Mac and I will beg for mercy; how the hell am I going to get anything done how I like without a Mac?