HomePod Gets It’s First Meaningful Update

Posted by Matt Birchler
— 1 min read

Note: HomePod did get an update last month, but no one was able to suss out any user-facing changes.

The most exciting update for me is the ability to finally ask my HomePod about my schedule for the day. My work calendar is super important to me and the fact Siri on the HomePod couldn’t see this before was mind boggling. I still wish I could say something like “good morning” to my HomePod and have it give me the weather, news, and calendar events, but I guess it’s baby steps for now.

AirPlay 2 sounds fine, but as someone with only one HomePod, it doesn’t do much for me personally. I like the idea of asking my Apple Watch to play something on the HomePod, but I don’t know how practical a use case that actually is. But with stereo pairing and multi-room audio support I expect those crazy multi-HomePod owners are going to love it.