I Feel Like a Chump

Posted by Matt Birchler
— 1 min read

Google discontinues Pixel 4 after less than a year - 9to5Google

Google confirmed to us that it has discontinued the Pixel 4 line. It will no longer be sold on the Google Store, though it will be available from other retailers while supplies last. The company reiterates that the phones will receive OS and monthly security updates until October 2022.

The Pixel 4 launched just over 9 months ago and Google has discontinued it. Combine this with the $200-off sales they were having for the phone a month after it was released, and the constant sales after that, and frankly, I feel like a chump for buying this phone when it was new at $800.

I’m not your average user, of course, and having the phone at launch was important for my coverage of the phone, but the consumer side of me is honestly a bit miffed. They emphasize that Pixel 4 owners will still get the 3 years of OS updates they were promised, which is good, but nothing says “we have no faith in this phone” than discontinuing it months before your successor hits the market.