IFTTT Ain’t Quite It Anymore

Posted by Matt Birchler
— 1 min read

Goodbye IFTTT | Ben Congdon

Similarly, in the past couple years IFTTT's UI has leaned heavily into the “applet” metaphor, with these big goofy toggle switches to enable/disable automations. The site also transitioned towards a focus on community- (or, more often corporate-) created automations, at the expense of the experience for creating your own applets. Like seriously, why is 30% of the UI for an applet details page (!) taken up by the connection status toggle?

I used to love IFTTT, but I too have fallen away from it in recent years. In fact, I actually pay a comparatively astronomical $25/month to Zapier for my web automation needs because it’s just so much better.

Much like Ben Congdon, I really disliked the move to “applets” in recent years rather than making it easy to build your own automations. Maybe that made the service more appealing to less technical users, and if so that’s fine, but it was one of the main points that finally pushed me away.