Introducing Today’s Forecast: A Fast, Beautiful Weather App for iPhone

Posted by Matt Birchler
— 2 min read

I am quite honestly overcome with excitement that I get to announce the release of Today’s Forecast for iOS today!

My summer project in 2017 has been this app and after months of hard work I’m happy to be able to officially say it is available in the App Store right now. The app uses Dark Sky for hyper-local weather forecasts and is kind of a throwback to easily my favorite weather app of all time, Check the Weather. Today’s Forecast likely has fewer features than the weather app you’re using right now, but my goal for this 1.0 release was to have an app that you were happy to open each and every time you need it.

I wanted an app that was beautiful and didn’t get between you and your forecast. A weather app should be fast and clear at a minimum, and beautiful as a bonus. I think Today’s Forecast nails all 3 points.

I didn’t think this was something I needed to ask for, but I wanted a weather app that was private. After the weather app drama of the past week, it’s important to know that your weather app isn’t selling your data to advertisers. I’m happy to say that Today’s Forecast is as private as they come (extremely straightforward privacy policy here). The app does not talk to any of our servers and does not store any data about the user in the app1. For Dark Sky’s part, you can read their privacy policy here, although I should note that this is for their own app and website and they don’t get even the things they mentioned there from my app. When I reached out to their support staff about exactly what they do with data, this is what they said:

We retain client IP address and the request URL (including your API key and the lat,lon of the request) in our server logs. We usually do nothing with the logs, but in exceptional circumstances we will examine the logs in order to debug specific issues. Such logs are deleted after a period of two weeks and no backups are kept. We don't share logs externally, but we may answer debugging-related questions from them (e.g. "are there any API requests for my API key coming from IP addresses other than X?") upon request from an account holder.

If I could collect the world’s weather data myself I would, but until I can do that Dark Sky seems like the most upstanding partner to work with in this area.

I should also note that this is a 1.0 release and I intend to keep developing the app to add some obvious features. Today widget, Apple Watch app, and maybe even radar are on the roadmap right now and you can email me any suggestions.

You can visit the official Today’s Forecast website here, and please, by all means tell your friends, tell your family, and even tell your enemies (even enemies need to know if it’s going to rain)!

Get Today’s Forecast from the iOS App Store today!

Link to the App Store

  1. Literally the only 2 things stored are your preferred measurement units and your theme choice. And even that is only stored locally to the phone, I have no idea what any single user is doing in the app.