It’s an Art Form

Posted by Matt Birchler
— 1 min read

Apple teamed up with Park Chan-wook (dir. Oldboy) to create a short film that's pretty good, you should watch it.

The film was of course shot entirely on the latest iPhones, and while most of it seems to be shot normally (and in Filmic Pro), it does make good use of Cinematic Mode as well. You can check out some behind-the-scenes details in this video:

Now of course you maby be thinking, "this looks so much better than what I shoot on my iPhone!" and unless you're an experienced cinematorgrapher, you're probably right to think that. Like with any camera, great cinematography doesn't just automatically happen when you have something high quality, it's something you have to create. They used lighting, physical filters, set design, high quality rigs, and many more details to make this look great. Obviously, the camera must have a base level of quality to achieve a professional look, and the iPhone 13 Pro has that, but filmmaking is an art, and this shows that wonderfully.

Oh, and a minor detail, although they shot some of this in Cinematic Mode, which is 30fps, the film is 24fps, so they have very slight frame pacing issues in the cimeatic shots, but it's basically invisible so I think they pulled it off. Still, I'd love to see an update that brings 24fps capture to Cinematic Mode because it's sill for 30fps to be the only option.