It's Not for Me, and That's Okay

Posted by Matt Birchler
— 1 min read

This is Not for Me - Tim Nahumck

The Magic Keyboard for iPad Pro looks to be an amazing device, but one thing is clear: this is not for me. And that’s OK.

I think this single line from the end of Tim's piece on the new Magic Keyboard is a super important thing people need to internalize. A product can be great, but not for me. Likewise, if someone else says they don't love a product like I do, it doesn't make them bad at their jobs or terrible people.

Products are a long list of compromises with the aim of creating something that is the best for the people you're building it for. Sometimes you aim for the widest market possible and other times you aim for a smaller group. Sometimes you nail it, other times you miss. Yes, even the biggest companies in the world make mistakes (the butterfly switch keyboards say "hllo").

Worth noting that my Magic Keyboard is arriving tomorrow and I'm extremely excited about it! It doesn't look perfect by any means, but it's going to fit well with how I use the iPad and that was worth the high price tag to me. Hopefully they keep making this product better and in a few years it'll be perfect for just about everyone.