J.J. Abrams on His Projects, and Coincidentally My Feelings About the Galaxy Fold

Posted by Matt Birchler
— 1 min read

Your Robot Overlord - Fast Company (Apple News+ link)

“This entire enterprise has been a response to the question, ‘What if?’ ” Abrams says. “The great stories, the ones I love, all seem to come from a ‘what if?’ ”

This sums up my favorite media as well, but in a weird way, it also kind of sums up how I feel about phones like the Samsung Galaxy Fold. I think the only people who should buy this phone are people who would be totally okay with $2,000 vanishing from their bank account on a lark. Frankly, the phone should be bundled with a Galaxy S10e to use when the Fold inevitable breaks or drives you crazy, whichever comes first.


There’s something about the Galaxy Fold that I find supremely compelling. Foldable tech is something that feels very natural an evolution for tech to move into. We will certainly look back on the fragile glass slabs we all use today as archaic someday, and foldable, flexible, and durable devices will one day be commonplace. The Galaxy Fold proves that this is still a future dream and the tech in 2019 is simply not ready, but much like Apple positioned the iPhone X as an early preview of what the future of phones looks like, this phone makes me feel the same way, just in a phone that is far, far further from being ready for the mass market than the iPhone X was in 2017.