Micro-review of the Apple Vision Pro travel case

Posted by Matt Birchler
— 4 min read
Micro-review of the Apple Vision Pro travel case

Listen, you don’t want 2,000 words on a travel case and I don’t particularly want to write that much about a case. Agreed? Excellent, let’s go quick!

The visual design is awesome

I love the look of the case. It looks like it’s from an Apollo mission and it really clicks with me. I know some people don’t like the pre-wrinkled look, but it works for me. Every bit of the product feels really premium, and like it will keep the headset safe in most situations.

It’s seriously big, though

Your mileage may vary, but I have a Brevite Jumper backpack (regular size, not large), which I like quite a bit and has been my backpack for going to the office as well as my travel bag for several years. It fits nicely under airplane seats and looks good in my opinion. It’s a 22L bag that isn’t huge by any means, but has been more than capable when I’ve had to travel with two laptops, an iPad Pro in a Magic Keyboard, Sony over-the-ear headphones, and a Canon mirrorless camera for good measure.

I knew the Vision Pro travel case would take up more room than those other items, but I wasn’t quite prepared for how much more room it would take up. As you can see from the image above, the travel case is going to take up a good chunk of my overall space.

Here’s an idea for how high up it goes if I put it in vertically. At this orientation, there’s basically no room for anything else substantial in the bag.

I can fit it in horizontally if I want, and while it does push the bag out a bit, it also gives some more space above for something else. I’ve tried to put arrows on the image to give you an idea how high it goes when placed sideways.

Although even sideways, there’s not much extra space. I brought a hardcover copy of Tomorrow, and Tomorrow, and Tomorrow with me, and just getting it in there as well was borderline too much. So yeah, carrying a Vision Pro and a single normal book was enough to have the backpack bursting at the seams both vertically and horizontally.

None of this is to say that the case is bad, just that the size is significant, and if you have a more compact backpack, it may push you beyond what’s easy to transport.

What’s inside?

Given the overall volume of the case, you might expect there to be plenty of space inside, and you would be absolutely correct! There’s so much space in this thing you can easily carry your Vision Pro with the cover on, the battery, an extra strap, the power cable and charging brick, and probably an extra phone, SSD, and whatever other little trinkets you travel with. And yes, you can keep the headset plugged into the battery while in the case, so you don’t have to shut it down for storage.

Not pictured in this review because I didn’t bring it with me on this trip, but there’s also a little pouch you can toss your smaller accessories in so you don’t have things clanging around in there. I’m pretty gentle with my bag, so I didn’t really need it.

There’s an adjustable piece on the headset side of the case you can move to exactly the right distance to protect the lenses. I assume this has range to accomodate all light seal sizes, and once it’s set, you never have to touch it again.

Another nice touch is that the battery strap has a little gap in the velcro that is for you to wrap up the rest of the cable, which just makes it a little more neat in there.

Final thoughts

At $199, this isn’t cheap, and I do think the bulk of it is going to be an issue for some people. You can certainly spend less to get something smaller, so it’s hard to recommend this on any dispassionate basis. The quality is there, and far be it from me to suggest there’s no value in paying more for something that looks nice. If you like the look of this, go for it, but definitely go in knowing it’s gonna be a chunky item in your travel bag.