My Apple Watch Setup

Posted by Matt Birchler
— 2 min read

The internet is rife with people talking about the smartphone, tablet, and laptop setups, but you don’t really see into what people are doing on their smart watches. This isn’t surprising as there are many fewer of us smart watch owners out there, and there are fewer things we can do to customize our watches. Still, I wanted to share my current Apple Watch setup.

First up is the most important part of any smart watch, the watch face. I use one of the new Activity faces, and while it is not the best looking face (I’d give that honor to Utility), it is distinctive and highlights my activity status, which is something I’m focusing hard on this October. This watch face takes a little more power to display, so I never used it on my original Apple Watch, but since upgrading to the Series 1 model a few weeks back, I’ve found it to be just as fast as any other face I’ve tried.

In addition to seeing my health data, I am using 3 additional complications. CARROT Weather is my weather app of choice on the Apple Watch, and it has a wonderfully customizable complication. OmniFocus takes the top left spot, and simply shows me how many active tasks I have due today. I mark things off my todo list from my watch a lot, and having it a single tap away makes that super easy. The final complication goes to the native Timer app, which simply lets me set timers on a whim.

The dock, watchOS 3’s best new feature, is up next. These are the apps that I use regularly, but don’t really need on my home watch face at all times. I use each one of these apps a few times a day, so their ability to launch instantly is great to have. I’m using:

And finally there is my app page, which is mostly madness, but does have some order for the apps clustered right around the watch face icon.