My (Tech) Desires Are Unconventional

Posted by Matt Birchler
β€” 1 min read

My uncle once told me I should consider fasting for a couple days. He had done it many times and was a big proponent of fasting now and again. "No way, I love food too much," I replied, but he wasn't having it. "That's exactly why you should; you'll appreciate it so much more when you come back to it."

I obsess over finding the best of every piece of tech out there. Whether it's tablets, phones, computers, task managers, or watches, I'm intent of finding the best out there. I have strong feelings on which products are great and which ones simply don't make the cut. In large, I think the stuff Apple puts out is best-in-class.

But I can't just say "I like Apple stuff," and not use anything else. Sure, I could, and that's what most people do, but sticking with one thing all the time leaves me wondering what's on the other side. "The grass is always greener on the other side," they say, and I desperately want to know just how damn green that grass really is. This is why I've switched to Android again and again and again, and it's why I'm trying Windows on the Surface line right now. I want to know not only how green it is, but what shade of green it is, how many blades of grass there are, and why people choose to spend their time in this grass.

It's not true for everyone, but it's absolutely something I enjoy doing. Putting myself in a bit of discomfort for a while every so often lets me understand what's happening on the platforms I don't personally prefer, and it makes me appreciate what we have on the Apple side ever more when I inevitably come back. Yeah, iOS 12 on the iPhone is great, but after a month or two with Android, it's effing fantastic (for me).