The Best Book of All Time Is… (Newsletter #97)

Posted by Matt Birchler
— 2 min read

Happy Friday! Let's roll into the weekend with a blow-out collection of links and other goodies!

The Videos

A bit of self-promotion here, but I wanted to share what I have on my iPhone home screen going into 2022.

I get a very specific thrill from watching musicians walking through their Logic projects to show how they created a song. There's always so much more than I expect, and I'm just enthralled by it.

A Kickstarter seemed like a scam, so this guy tried to make it actually happen. The results are…well, you can just watch 😉

The Tweets

I'm still having issues with tweets displaying correctly in the email, so here are screenshots (click on an image to go to the tweet on Twitter). Still working on it!