NFL+ Ain’t for Me, and I’m Not Sure Who It’s For

Posted by Matt Birchler
— 1 min read

The NFL launched NFL+ today, and I went from excited to completely uninterested pretty quickly. I live in Illinois, but my favorite team is the Green Bay Packers, so I get to see about 1/2 of their games live, but the other half just don’t air on any channel here. I was hoping a service like NFL+ could get me the rest of the way there.

Sadly, there are only two types of games that you can get live with this service:

  1. Pre-season games not airing on local channels.
  2. Regular season games that are airing on local channels. These games are also limited to playing on your phone or tablet.

So if you were hoping that this would let you watch more games than before, that's technically true, but the only new games you'll get are pre-season games. Yayyyyyyyyy…

Look, at $4.99/month, this is a pretty cheap subscription, and for those who like the sound of this, it's probably a welcome service. I just know I'll be looking forward even more to who wins the rights to NFL Sunday Ticket, because that remains my only hope for reliably seeing my Packers games every week.