No Mac for You!

Posted by Matt Birchler
— 1 min read

Michael Rockwell in response to my piece about buying a PC tower:

Ten years ago, I suspect Matt would have ended up with a Mac Pro. Perhaps begrudgingly since it was a bit over his budget, but at least he would have had an option that was attainable. The current Mac Pro is just too darn expensive for a large swath of Mac users that previously would have considered it as the best option for them.

I think he's absolutely right. I would have bit the bullet and paid a bit more to get a nicer enclosure and the software I much prefer. 15 years ago when I went to college, I kind of assumed I would eventually get a Mac Pro because it wasn't that much more expensive than the $2,500 laptop I just bought.

The Mac Pro of 2020 is a fantastic machine, and for people who need that sort of power and can put up that sort of cash, it's wonderful...but I'm not in that group. As I laid out in my original piece every Mac Apple sells today has at least one fatal flaw for my needs, which is really unfortunate.

Mike also says:

He ended up purchasing a PC from Dell. And this is someone that has been using Macs for decades. If that doesn’t tell you how dire the situation is, I don’t know what will.

I will say that I might be a special case, as the iPad remains my primary machine, with the desktop being a secondary device. If I was buying a laptop today, it would 100% be a MacBook Pro. But since Apple has a far better portable machine for me, that isn't a need I currently have from their Mac lineup.