No One Note-Taker for Me

Posted by Matt Birchler
— 1 min read

Mike Rockwell on Initial Charge:

There isn’t any one app that does everything I want so I’ve ended up with a handful of apps that all loosely serve the purpose of “note taking”. I can understand why someone would want to find the One App to Rule Them All, but I kind of like having a variety of apps instead.

I linked to this Francesco D'Alessio article a few weeks ago as well:

I believe your next to-do list application, won’t be a to-do list app. The next major productivity application will be a planner application.

I think both of them have valid viewpoints, and I'm not sure which direction will win out. For what it's worth, this is my setup right now:

  • Things: I use this for all my task management. It works great for my needs, and is more enjoyable to use than any of the integrated solutions I see out there today.
  • Notion: My YouTube channel runs 100% through Notion. I've got a Kanban board with all my ideas for videos, as well as a complete, organized archive of every video I've ever made.
  • Fantastical: All calendaring happens here, it's just the best.
  • Obsidian: This used to be what YouTube happened in, but Notion eventually won out with it's incredibly flexible UI. Now I use Obsidian for notes on my work computer, but that's about it. If I took notes like many other people seem to, I'd use it in my personal life, but I just am not a note-taker.

Would I be interested in a single app that did all this for me? Sure! Am I confident that one app is going to be the best (or at least close enough to the best) at each of these? Not really. Agenda seems like the closest we have right now, and things like Sunsama are coming up to make a play as well, but none of them have come close to winning me over. Maybe that'll change in the future.