Paddle Tries to Revamp In-App Purchases

Posted by Matt Birchler
— 1 min read

Paddle In-App Purchase for iOS

When selling with Paddle, your apps stay on the App Store, but we make the sale – just like Apple. This means we’re liable for all the painful purchase admin, from global sales taxes to customer support. There’s nothing new for you to worry about.

Paddle might be jumping the gun a bit with this announcement, but yeah, this is exactly what I would expect to see lots of once Apple’s restrictions on in-app payments are eased. You’re going to have Paddle and many other companies competing to offer the best experience for users and developers, which will make everyone better off.

I think many people are trying to paint all payments made outside the App Store as Dickensian tales of woe, but there’s no reason that has to be the case unless you don’t try at all. As I’ve stated on this site many times before, payment companies are very happy to compete on customer experience.