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Pairing an Apple Watch with Pelaton’s New Bike+

Pairing an Apple Watch with Pelaton’s New Bike+

Bradley Chambers writing for his new site, Connect the Watts:

One of the headline features of Peloton’s new Bike+ is support for GymKit with Apple Watch. Read along for how to pair Apple Watch with Peloton Bike+.

Well, a $2,500 stationary bike is the last thing I need right now, but this is the one thing Pelaton could have done to make me at least look at the order page before coming to me senses.

Click through to see the fill process, which sounds easy-ish, but is definitely not as clean an experience as I was expecting. It sounds like for Pelaton users, this is a huge upgrade, but in a world of AirPods pairing, this feels kinda old school to me. Am I crazy?

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