Podcasts I've Never Missed

Posted by Matt Birchler
— 1 min read

I listen to a good number of podcasts, but shows end and others lose my interest over time. But some shows I was there from day one and have never missed an episode. My criteria for this list are:

  1. I listened to episode 1 when it was released (or at least within a few weeks). If I have listened to a ton, but missed year one, then it doesn't count.
  2. I listen every single time there's an episode. I can be forgiven for missing one a year or so, but in general I make time to listen to each of these basically no matter what (note that this doesn't mean I listen to every second of every episode, sometimes I skim, but I always listen to at least some of these).
  3. The show much have at least 200 episodes.
  4. The show must be running today. These are all current recommendations 🙂

These are incredibly hard barriers to clear, and it's super hard to hold anyone's attention for this long, so al the kudos in the world to the people who make these shows happen.

  • We Have Concerns (800+ episodes)
  • Accidental Tech Podcast (483 episodes)
  • DLC (443 episodes)
  • Upgrade (407 episodes)
  • Connected (398 episodes)
  • The Talk Show with John Gruber (347 episodes)

One thing that stands out to be is that this list is really just a bunch of dudes, which is fine, but I wanted to shout out a few shows that almost made this list, but didn't match all the criteria despite me loving them and listening for years.

  • The Argument
  • The Indicator
  • Sway (and Recoder before it, which was quite similar)
  • What's Good Games Podcast
  • The Easy Allies Podcast