Reasons not to install the iOS 11 beta just yet

Posted by Matt Birchler
— 2 min read

Updated June 23, 2017

You shouldn't install the iOS 11 beta for many reasons, most notably the fact that tons of things are just plain broken. Here's a selection of things that are broken or annoying in the current beta state.

  • Battery life is terrible.
  • Everything is slow.
  • The camera sometimes doesn't load. No matter what app you're trying to use, Camera, Lightroom, Camera+, etc, sometimes the camera will just not open up and let you take pictures. This is a huge one!
  • Alarms don't always go off. I set some extra early alarms for something and they didn't go off. I've had this happen twice.
  • Maps gets confused in some weird cases and will not update navigation even though you have been moving for a while.
  • The Twitter and Facebook system integrations are gone, so apps that rely on those being there are broken. So far I've found Linky and Stormcrow are totally unusable for me.
  • Media controls are sometimes broken. Podcasts seem to have more issues, and I'll be listening to a podcast and the lock screen will show media controls for Music. Also, the lock screen media controls will remain on the lock screen for hours after you stop listening to something.
  • Safari View Controller is still here, but video will not play, so you'll have to forward over to the full Safari app to do that. This view also doesn't load the first try every time you use it.
  • YouTube doesn't always display the top navigation, so sometimes you can't search or use Chromecast functionality.
  • Tweetbot crashes when you try to paste into it. You can get around this crash by pasting your link into a tweet before typing anything else, but it’s not ideal.
  • Snapchat has signed me out many times over the past few weeks.
  • The new App Store is beautiful, and works, but it has tons of graphical bugs and is sloooooow.
  • The notification panel and control center are only reliably accessible from the home screen. They almost never work when you're in an app.
  • Google Photos was 100% synced before I updated to iOS 11, and has used over 20GB of cellular data since June 5 checking every photo again. Needless to say, I turned off cellular access to the app.
  • Drag and drop works for Apple apps, but other apps get very confused by this and will crash…hard…if you try to involve them in this at all.

Bugs from Twitter

There's surely more out there, but these stood out to me after a little over a week of use. As I stated a week ago, you should not install the iOS 11 beta. This might be fine for you, but be aware that there are tons of things wrong.