Safari's Tracking Prevention is Working

Posted by Matt Birchler
— 1 min read

Apple’s Safari privacy features are driving down prices for advertisers at the cost of accuracy

Executives in the online publishing industry speaking with The Information say that Apple has been “stunningly effective” with its goal of Intelligent Tracking Prevention stopping websites from knowing what users are doing on the web. One of the results of this over the last two years is that costs for advertisers have dropped significantly for Safari users while they’ve gone up for Chrome.

It's good to see Apple's tracking prevention tools have had a meaningful impact on advertisers. The basic takeaway is that while Safari users still see ads, advertisers are less able to personalize these ads to the individual since they are not able to get nearly as much information out of them as users on other browsers.

Annoying if you're an advertiser, but this is a big win for Safari users and one of the many reasons it's my browser of choice across all of my devices.